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Watermania is a Guatemalan family business, started in 1993 by its current president, who had the vision to engage in an unknown activity for him, but that began with faith, enthusiasm and determination.

At that time were only 3 employees and the designs were very traditional, as was common at the time.

Today Watermania has more than 25 employees, adding to these the sons of its founder. Watermania has built over the years around 700 projects, fulfilling dreams and changing the lifestyles of many families, businesses, engineers and architects. The evolution that has occurred in the designs is visible and palpable, experience has led us to create unique projects with the clientp ersonality, of which several have been awarded worldwide.

Watermania has become the best company in construction, design and implementation of solutions in swimming pools in Guatemala, Central America and the Caribbean. Watermania you may also found products such as hot tubs, saunas, heating equipment, equipment filters, water maintenance, etc. Taking into account the environment and needs in which the recreation area develops.

Come and visit us, we are confident that we have what you're looking for, either from a small remodeling, new equipment or a project for your new home, we are here to help you along this new dream and make it happen!


To provide our customers the most pleasant areas of social, sports or family life, within a design that beautifies and value to your property.


To be the most successful pools in Latin America, based on a job well done, made with the best materials and cutting-edge concepts, supported by a clear professional ethics.

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