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Three things you should know before building

Because buying a pool is something that you do not have practice, many people do it the wrong way. So if you are thinking of building your pool probably need some tips to make your project.

1. Make a wish list

You may have been dreaming of a pool for years, and you may think you know exactly what you want. But worth reading about the latest technology and gather ideas. Once you have done a little research, you'll be ready to talk to the pool builder about what is what you want.

2. Know what is most important to you about the pool

Loe maintenance ?, aesthetic ?, personalization ?, guarantee ?, play area?, special features? etc. These are just a few common goals of regular buyers to consider what they want their pool to be. That is why every pool buyer must consider what is important to them about their pool and then evaluate them in order before the project is carried out.

3. Know what is most important to you about the builder

Are you looking for a turnkey? How much quality and skilled labor matters in your decision? How important is an experienced builder? It is a guarantee necessary to support your investment?

There are many questions that arise when you look for a company to build a project as important as your pool. Many can offer you do this at low cost, but then you get an unfinished work, unexpected increases in budget, or an structural damage after a short time.

Watermania a solid company with 25 years of experience, has a specialized team of architects, engineers, technicians and labor; It offers a pleasant experience from the beginning and a relationship that still lingers after finishing the construction of your pool. We have been awarded over 100 international awards and we are part of the two most important associations in the world: Master Pools Guild and The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

The "Watermania Experience" is the realization of a project "turnkey" where you as a customer will be more than satisfied with our "Wow Factor" and quiet secure that gives you our trayectory back it with a 5 years guarantee in writing.

-We are expert builders-