Project Info:

The complexity of the design and the level of difficulty when building this swimming pool was significant on this project, since the deck, with a cantilever effect, causes the impression of being suspended in space. Leaving the rocks where it is located as well of the nature around it untouched is something that was sought -and achieved-. Therefore, the outcome was a swimming pool that blends with the natural space.

This achievement was possible thanks to the efforts of those involved in the project workers who carried the material from the base of the cliff up to the site of the construction.

Attaining the highest transparency through a visual (non-edge) infinity was paramount, and this was achieved through the use of two glass walls that integrated perfectly. The color of the water was achieved with the use of turquoise green mosaic, which emulates the Atitlan Lake.

Project Details

  • Design: Watermanía
  • Construction: Watermanía
  • Location: Atitlán - Guatemala
  • Premio: Gold Technical-Engineering Achievement 2013, Master Pools Guild
  • Category: Plateau