Project Info:

This jewel, located in front of a river, has several characteristics that make it unique and different. The longer edge, which faces the river, is a glass wall that allows for visual integration when inside the pool, and at night, it provides lighting from this area. For those sailing the river, the view of the pool is most interesting, since when lit by led lights it takes different colors as per the owner’s tastes.

The social area was designed with a triangle shape, with two transparent walls with the purpose of having a different view of the pool, and glass armrests were placed there in order to foster socialization between those inside and those outside the pool, in a swim-up/regular bar of sorts. A table was also added on the water, providing a gathering space.

A Jacuzzi over the waterline is another setting, as well as a wading pool where chairs can be placed. Overall, this pool has five different settings. The light-blue and golden color of the tiles offers very interesting reflections when touched by the sun, and its contrast with the surrounding wood turn the place as a whole into something unique that, nonetheless, does not steal the spotlight from the view of the river.